DJ Equipment

Our equipment:

Modern, professional DJ gear, up to the minute music libraries, and crisp, reliable sound...Whether professional CDJ units or professional "virtual" DJ systems, our setups are clean, minimal in size yet powerful enough to rock any size hall or venue. Our units don't need a huge van to load in nor are they out of an 80's movie!

DJ Setup - Halifax DJ ServiceProfessional CD DJ Unit

True North DJs - virtual DJ setupProfessional virtual DJ setup

The sound: Our speakers are industry leading EV powered tops & subs; Mackie SRM 450's (v1 & v2) used on tours for Usher and other music & industry moguls.

The mixers: Our DJs spin on professional grade DJ mixers by: Denon & Numark.

The backup: Our kits ALL have backup that travel with the DJ. Should ANY problems arise within either the mixer or the laptop, there will be zero (or minimal) down time in the music to where clients will, more than likely, not even realize that there was a problem leading to a smooth event - EVERY time.

The music: Our music is licensed by the AVLA and provided through a subscription based company called "Promo Only Canada". To control our sound quality and out of respect for music artists and performers, we do not download or burn our music. Our music library covers a variety of genres including (but not limited to): 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, country, rock, R&B, hip-hop, urban, dance and more...Chances are, if you want it - we got it.

The lights: True North uses a variety of lights to achive different effects in different size venues. Ourlighting attitude is "enough to create a dance atmosphere, without driving people crazy". If clients desire more (or fewer) lights, we are able to accommodate most requests.

Our lighting suppliers include:

American DJ - LED Vertigo, LED Slim Par, LED Bar 50

Chauvet - LED Mega-Trix, LED Line-Dancer

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